Production Company: Kimera Collective

written by: Cy armstrong

The context

While the medical field is becoming infinitely complex, there is a need to simplify it and make its principles accessible to those who are benefitting from it. You can’t reach a patient with the same language you use to communicate with doctors, which is why we carefully tailor our medical video production process to suit your targeted audience.

We strike the right balance between informing your audience about your products and services, and showing them exactly how they change lives for the better.

View our 60 sec about us video for Western Surgical Group

Why this story?

We all know that each person or company has a different story to tell. At Kimera Collective, we treat each specific story as its our own and how we would want tell it. Our experience in healthcare industry  ranges from eating disorders treatments, community hospitals, health and wellness clinics, fellowship-trained surgical groups, medical spas, plastic surgeon groups, and many more.

Having a wide rang of experience allows us to approach any specific field in the healthcare industry with a creative mindset and the right set of tools to share your story.


What does your company mean to its community?


We explore the lives of your patients and their journey through the healthcare system. We can also follow doctors or physicians through the challenges they may face and how they work through them, all while navigating the most pivotal time in their patients life. Whether you want to introduce your team members with custom video bios, capture portrait stills, launch a new marketing campaign, show case new innovative technology, or share a clients story of success you are able to give them.

With our experienced team, we can provide video and photo simultaneously to maximize your projects potential.


The process of each project can vary but there are always some key steps that we take to ensure the most productive and successful project for your company. It all starts with an idea, whether were working with a creative agency on the concept or using our in house team of creative directors. From that idea, we use various forms of communication to go back and fourth with the client about different routes we can take to achieve their vision of the final product. Pre-production is vastly over looked and its something we at Kimera Collective tend to focus on the most. Without of a proper story or outline for the project, other steps of the process will fail. Thats why we create story boards, treatments, and pitch decks to ensure every step along the during the process of the project will go swimmingly.

Once we have the pre-production completed, were ready to start scheduling. The scheduling process can be a simple one day shoot with limited talent, or it can a one week shoot with 20+ talent. One thing that doesn’t change is our willingness to work around your schedule to make it as easy as possible for the client. Each project has different deadlines, so we plan accordingly to complete each project on time if not sooner. The day before the big shoot, we carefully prep all of our lights, camera equipment, audio gear, etc at our studio to ensure we are more then ready for the shoot. After all the pre-production and preparations, were finally ready to start shooting.

We arrive on site with our two-ton enclosed trailer that houses all of our equipment. Setup normally takes one-two hours depending on the lighting and camera setup. Our team consist of a close group of friends that makes new friends where ever we go, including on shoots. We naturally establish a working relationship as well as a friendship with all of our clients. While on set, we try to maximize our shooting potential. Whether thats shooting on several high end film cameras or shooting stills simultaneous as were filming. By doing such, we’re able to give our clients more footage and save them from outsourcing more people.

The post-process is where we get to bring the project to life. We offer a team of in-house editors that will all have a hand in helping guide your project successfully to the finish line. Communication plays a huge role during this process, thats why we offer several creative ways to share rough drafts and revisions so that the client is on the same page with us every step of the way. We also offer a chance for our clients to visit our client review room in our studio. In there you can watch us color grade your project to give its final touches before completing the project. After we complete all of the deliverables, we then store two copies of your project on our server system located in main edit suite.


Kimera Collective is constantly pushing the limits of what we can do with the modern cinema cameras. New technologies such as stabilized handheld gimbals and aerial drones allow us to move cameras in new and interesting ways, but our focus always remains on how to best tell the story. From writing narrative scripts to full service commercial production, our team is capable of telling your story from its inception to completion. 

Our main goal is to be able to provide our services to you more than one time, we want to build a working relationship that continues to grow. Successful projects are always built on the foundation of a solid working relationship. This always begins with an open conversation about your project and our capabilities which we are looking forward to having with you.

We work closely with agencies and brands across the country and our relationships with our clients is not a cookie cutter one size fits all approach. We fully customize and tailor our services to each productions unique individual needs. Our team is what truly separate us from the rest. We empower our crew to take a vested interest in the satisfaction of clients experience and to go above and beyond to fulfill our clients needs and bring new ideas to the table.